• North County Community Network – Non-Profit networking meetings are up again in 2018!  In central Tillamook County monthly Social Directors meetings are held where agencies and organizations network to share information, accomplishments, events and needs to help each other carry out their various missions.  One of its organizers, Mis Carlton-Swanson from the Oregon Food Bank, wanted to extend this format to North and South County and with the help of Laura Swanson and Barbara McLaughlin held a meeting on Feb 21st, 2018 at the Handy Creek Bakery in Wheeler on a closed day.  35 people crowded together to share about their work. Besides local and county wide nonprofits, members from several area churches and cities attended, as did Jesse Just from CARTM who serendipitous was just coming to get breakfast.      The next meeting of the North County Community Network will be on May 10th from 1-3pm at the White Clover Grange in Mohler


  •  Events Calendar – Barbara McLaughlin regularly updates a fundraising planning calendar for local non-profits to aid them in choosing effective dates for their events. Contact Fulcrum to get yourself on that list.


  • Local Non-Profit Collaboration Project –  2015-1016 – Barbara McLaughlin (Fulcrum President) and Lane deMoll (Fulcrum Secretary) emerged from a March 2015 meeting ready to organize an on-going Fulcrum program for networking local non-profits. It took a while and some wonderful serendipity (of course!) but in Fall 2015, Oregon Community Foundation offered Fulcrum a $3000 challenge grant. In the next month we raised $3115 –  14 local non-profits gave $1275 and 20 individual supporters of the BBQ list donated $1840. The $6000 was used to pay Barbara McLaughlin and Lane deMoll  to coordinate and inspire a series of gatherings over the next 9-12 months as well as to pay for venues, food and other project costs. It was a great year of meetings and new connections. See our project summary.


  • Non-Profit Meeting – March 2, 2015 – Fulcrum’s Barbara McLaughlin helped organize and facilitate a meeting attended by representatives from most of the 43 North County non-profits!


The reps  “voted” on their top 10 challenges and placed their organizations on lists of categories of services provided. They then took part in one of in three break-out groups dealing with Volunteers, Funding Issues and Potential Collaborations. Fulcrum then set out to seek funding to be able to move forward on ideas that came out of the meeting.

  • Pine Grove Too – Fulcrum sponsored the first of the long awaited revival of the old North Coast Notes community potlucks at the Pine Grove Community House in Manzanita in February 2010-2011. For a time it was a second formal potluck of the Pine Grove Community House. We shared news of recent and upcoming happenings and talked to see what wanted to unfold next. Often there was a speaker.
  • Safety Net – March, 2009 – Mike Cook from NeahCasa’s Student Family Housing Program organized and Fulcrum co-hosted this  gathering to discuss local implications of the economic hard times. Everyone agreed that requests were up both in numbers and the dollar amounts needed. Who gets lost between the cracks and what can various local organizations do about it? The meeting room at the North County Rec District (NCRD) was packed with county-wide governmental agencies, non-profits, funding sources and interested individuals. No magic answers were found but a lot of information got shared and connections made.
  • Non-Profit Gatherings – June and September 2008 –  Local organizations have a lot to share on many topics. Just going around the table and saying what we’re up to can be eye-opening. Many issues are similar – need for volunteers, funding, board training….
  • Non-profit Bookkeeping – In the Spring of 2007 Fulcrum held  a session with Karen Ruddick-Yurka on setting up accounts so that boards can monitor their organizations financial situation.

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