GIVING GUIDE–Yay! This project moved to the top of the list in 2017 – Thanks  to Laura Swanson of the Pioneer Press and Fulcrum’s Barbara McLaughlin who created a Tillamook County-wide pamphlet to facilitate end-of-2017 giving to local non-profits for newcomers and visitors alike. This brainchild of Julianne Johnson years ago….  If you want to be part of the 2018 upate, contact Barbara McLaughlin:


programs_3_1826260880Alternative Gift Fair – Note: This event did not happen in 2016 or 2017.  Started by Ginger Salkowski in 2006, this event takes place early in December. It is a way for folks to buy donations to local and international organizations to gift to their loved ones in lieu of a material present. Local groups set up tables to explain their projects and sometimes sell products, while volunteers staff the international programs. Fulcrum originally helped with cashiering and by 2009 was the major organizer of the event. Total giving at the event is about $6,000 – 7,000 each year with 70-80% going to local organizations.

Neahkahnie Community Treasure Chest – A long held dream of creating a local granting foundation for special projects is beginning to come true. Barbara and Chuck McLaughlin have contributed donations from their BBQ list supporters to begin the fund. It’s still very small but it’s growing. Bequests and donations are welcome.

Local Investment Guild – We are always looking to help community members invest locally in creative ways that contribute to our common well being. In 2006 Fulcrum hosted a series of gatherings in the Fireplace Room at NCRD that centered on micro-business and community housing. In 2009 Fulcrum members were instrumental in setting up an LLC with 10 private investors to land-bank a property for future NeahCasa affordable housing. We are always open to hosting or sponsoring further gatherings. Contact us if you are interested in investment opportunities or have investment expertise of one sort or another.


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